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Who does a child rely on when they are born? Their PARENTS. Parents provide them with infinite acts of benevolence, to ensure they bring them up with the correct skill-set and value system. Parenting, unlike any other profession, is a full-time job. A one-way street where parents constantly need to innovate and support their child’s development.

But, with changing times, do you feel parents lack the adequate resources and support to help upswing the lives of their children while growing too? Here’s introducing our App UpswingIt, the missing piece in your life’s puzzle.

Working Hours

9:00 AM-01:00 PM

What makes us different?

We are not here to compete, but; we are here to DO. REWARD. TEACH. REPEAT.

A simple app download, a guaranteed positive impact on your child’s development process.

What’s in it for your child: Who wants the next toy car? Who wants to own a room full of board games? Who wants to eat the world’s best macaroons? Who wants to purchase the coolest sneakers?

We know every child wants it. Want to know how your child can earn all this on their own? It is simple. For every act, the parent considers a good deed; the child earns points. Achieve the goal set and win the item on your dream list. The children will be the sole decision-makers of all their purchases; earned by them through their hard work. Download the app, make your account and reap the benefits.

Personality Development

This app will help teach your child to be more confident and excel in decision-making. Read more

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Professional Development

Your child is about to witness a change in his life. Mastering financial independence and hard work; will mould him into a trained professional at an early age.

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With our seamless interface, a parent can view their child’s daily progress report

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