The Evolution of Parenting

Do you agree when we say that parenting has evolved with passing time? Let’s take three points of view. 

Is your parenting style heavily influenced by the way you were parented? Do you aim to raise children the way you were? Are your actions and approaches influenced by your childhood? Are you nodding your head in agreement?

Are you a parent who relates with gen Z? Who adapts to their child’s growing needs but tries to control the outcome of every situation? 

But do you know, there also exist parents, who are constantly upskilling, growing, and adapting as their child grows? Are you a parent who allows their child to make a mistake, explore the world and decide for themself, be responsible for their actions and learn from them? Are you the kind who explains more than yells? Teach about consequences rather than spank your child? 

Spot the difference across the three parenting styles? This shows how much it has evolved. With technology, exposure, and changing needs, parents have changed the way they perceive and act with their child’s upbringing. 

No. We’re not saying that if you belong to either of the above categories, your parenting style is wrong or you have not evolved. Everyone has a different perspective. But what if we change the lens through which we view our children? Could we parent them better and raise them to be strong, independent individuals, ready to face the world? 

Why do we always say children are the future of the world? Let’s take a moment to introspect if we’re raising children, mindful of the fast-paced and daunting future? Are we pushing them towards academic excellence and fewer extra-curricular when we should teach them to strike a balance? 

What does the future entail? No one knows. But, if we take a step towards the future generation of parenting, we are enriching the world with our little superstars. 

The absolute knowledge lies in the books we read. Maybe if we could read with our kids? Wouldn’t we have intellectually-rich conversations and a fun activity to do as a family? 

Teaching your child to help in daily chores can be a life-changing mechanism. It’s never about a girl or boy working in the kitchen; it’s about building an environment of awareness, traditions, and practices that lay the foundation for your child. When a farmer sows the seeds, they do so intending to give the plant a safe and nutritious environment to grow. They cannot control the direction in which the plant will grow or the number of fruits it may bear. Similarly, you are only sowing the seeds of a strong foundation for your children. 

Create your roadmap as a parent. But, while closely monitoring your child’s progress, allow them to find their path. 

Leaving you all with these few tips to take that baby step. We all adapted to demonetization, COVID, inflation, etc. Let’s readjust to the future generation of parenting. You are the best parent. The difference is: What could make you the better one?

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